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Freshly baked bread and pastries for your enjoyment

Visit our Kraftwich cafes or Swissbake retail outlets for a taste of our authentic Swiss bakery!

Swissbake Breads

Our wide selection of authentic, gourmet breads are freshly baked using only premium quality ingredients with no added artificial preservatives because we believe natural is what’s good for you. Taste the natürlich frisch (naturally fresh) Swissbake bread loaves today.  Find out more 

Swissbake Pastries

When it comes to our pastries, we don’t settle for less. After all, one of the greatest pleasures of life is having freshly baked pastries early in the morning, accompanied with a fragrant coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Using only the best pastry-making techniques, our different types of sweet & savoury pastries are sure to make your experience an unforgettable treat. 

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Swissbake Cakes

From decadent chocolate cakes to classic cheesecakes, we only use the finest ingredients. To us, the cake-making process is an art and our traditional recipes are mastered by our European pastry chefs. With their top-notch techniques and skills, our variety of cakes are perfect for your special occasion or random indulgence.   

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Swissbake Finger Food

Need some light bites for your office meeting, workshop or party? We’ve got you covered. With our Swissbake finger food selections, your colleagues and guests will be spolit for choice. Made with superior quality, our wide range of tantalising finger food, sweet treats and more will complement and elevate your event. 

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