Bread Recipes

Bread is a food staple we eat everyday and it supplies the essential nutrients & energy we require. Our freshly baked artisan bread loaves have shorter expiry dates than others due to the lack of added preservatives. We believe in only providing the best for you and your family. Delivered daily to Cold Storage supermarkets island-wide, taste the natürlich frisch (naturally fresh) goodness in every bite!

Multigrain Toast

Packed with multigrain such as oats, wholemeal bran, rye & millet, this bread is perfect our Multigrain toast contains 16% of wholegrains, is trans-fat free and low in saturated fat. It is also a great source of protein and dietary fibre. Find out more 

Wholemeal Toast

A classic bread with all the goodness of the whole of the wheat grain. Containing 19% of wholegrains, our trans-fat free Wholemeal Toast is a source of protein with no added preservatives. Find out more