Gourmet Bread

Page 5 (Gourmet Bread - German Dark Rye)

Dark Rye Higher in fibre with a rich, hearty taste, rye bread has notable health benefits when compared to white bread. 

Page 5 (Gourmet Bread - Multiseed Low GI)

Multiseed Low GI This low GI bread is popular with customers for its great taste and nutritional benefits. The bread is a delicious combination of linseed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, combined with rye and oat flakes to give this bread an extra bite! 

Page5 (Gourmet Bread - Multiseed Gluten-free) temp

Multiseed Gluten-free This gluten-free loaf allows you to enjoy the delicious goodness of the multiseed bread packed with lentils, linseed and sunflower seeds.

Page 5 (Gourmet Bread - Pain de Campagne)

Swiss Country Cereals Filled with linseeds, corn grits, oats, sunflower seeds, wholemeal bran and sourdough, this tasty bread will make a good meal by topping it up with your favourite filling.

Page 5 (Gourmet Bread - Garlic Parmesan Bread)

Multigrain Loaf Jam-packed with the natural goodness of linseeds, oats, sunflower seeds & wholemean bran. 

Bio & Healthy Bread

Page 6 (Bio & Healthy Bread - Abend Brot)

Abend Brot (Evening Bread) Stay Slim with Abend Brot – An extraordinary 28% protein, only 8% carbohydrates, supports the insulin-separation diet concept of Dr. Detlef Pape

Page 6 (Bio & Healthy Bread - Bio Energus)

Bio Energus Packed with all the goodness such as soya bean, linseed, apple fibre and wheat bran, this healthy bread is definitely the bread to start your day. 

Sliced Bread

Page 5 (Sliced Bread - Wholemeal Bread)

Wholemeal Bread This classic bread contains the whole of the wheat grain, offering a unique experience of taste and texture. Ideal for sandwiches with your favourite fillings. 

Page 5 (Sliced Bread - Multigrain Bread)

Multigrain Bread Packed with multigrain such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and oat flakes, this bread is ideal with soup and sandwiches. 

Page 5 (Sliced Bread - White Bread)

White Bread This good old-fashioned loaf with its soft, fluffy interior is ideal with marmalade, jam or chocolate spread.

Buns & Rolls

Page 6 (Buns & Rolls - Multigrain Rolls)

Multigrain Rolls Packed with all the multigrain goodness, this nutritious roll is great with just butter or with soups.

Page 6 (Buns & Rolls - Hamburger Buns)
Hamburger Buns Our hamburger buns are soft and light with a sprinkle of sesame seeds, the perfect base for a piece of juicy patty or a succulent slab of meat. A must-have at any barbeque parties.

Page 6(Buns & Rolls - Hot Dog Buns)

Hot Dog Buns Our light and fluffy hotdog buns are the everyday choice for most families. Kids love it on its own, or topped with a classic hotdog.