Corporate Social Responsibility

At Swissbake, we are committed to being a positive corporate citizen and a responsible member of the community. Swissbake recognises that giving back to our community is vital part of our business; therefore we play a proactive role in contributing to charities and non-profit organisations, improving the lives of the less privileged. Find out how Swissbake is contributing towards helping the community.


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Food from the Heart (FFTH)

As the pioneer group of partners, Swissbake has been donating all our unsold pastries and bread to ‘Food from the Heart’ (FFTH) daily for the past 10 years, benefiting 151 welfare homes and institutions under its care. Volunteers from FFTH collect these items from our outlets and cafes before we close for the day, the pastries and bread will then be delivered to orphanages, old folk’s home, senior activity centres, handicapped homes and day care centres (for underprivileged children) the next morning.