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The Joyous Treats Gift Set (includes gift bag) 

$39.80 (Choice of 2 Cookies/Crisps + 1 Tea Cake)

The Joyous Treats Gift Set is the perfect gift this season – simple and traditional, but sure to please, with a mix of timeless classic flavours as well as new unique selections with local flair that will leave you captivated. Sweet, savoury, spicy, fruity, and more, our treats have a myriad of flavours to cater for all tastes. The Joyous Treats Gift Set comes with your choice of 2 delectable cookies and the luscious Gula Melaka Tea Cake, all carefully packaged in a classic ribboned Swissbake gift bag.



 Blackforest Cookies (190g/tub)


One for the chocoholics among us to savour, the Black Forest Cookies are mouth-watering bittersweet flavour bombs with both dark and white chocolate chips, as well as chopped maraschino cherry bits for a distinct fruity sweetness.




 Cempedak Cookies (190g/tub)


A celebration of the beloved tropical fruit, these cookies feature chunks of Cempedak, with its unmistakeable sweet, pungent flavours present in every bite. Chopped almonds are added to give the cookies an added nutty flavour and a pleasant crunch.




 Cheese Sticks (150g/tub)


Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, our flaky Cheddar Sticks are made with loads of authentic cheddar cheese for layers and layers of addictive cheese flavour that will keep you reaching for more!





 Mala Crisps (265g/tub)


Though it might look like a humble butter cookie, the Mala Crisp hides a savoury, spicy Mala kick up its sleeve. A real treat for spice lovers, taste the unique harmony between the chili spice, mala savouriness and buttery richness in this cookie.




 Gula Melaka Tea Cake (360g/piece)


Our beloved South-East Asian flavours come together in this dense and moist Gula Melaka Tea Cake. Perfect as a midday snack with coffee or tea, this treat features the intricate caramel flavours of gula melaka and the creamy tropical sweetness of coconut, topped with a brown caramel crumble.