Swissbake Multigrain and Wholemeal Toasts

Carbohydrates tend get a bad reputation for providing little nutritional benefits as we avoid them like the plague, feeling guilty about indulging in their bready goodness. Well, some carbohydrates might be devoid of any nutrients, but complex ones like those in wholegrain breads are one of the body’s essential sources of energy. In fact, eliminating it completely may not only affect our brain’s memory-based task performance, but even takes its toll on metabolic processes like breathing and digesting.

Consuming something at a large amount (including protein and fat) or eating more calories than you burn in a day would certainly cause an increase in body weight. We should therefore eat healthy carbs as part of a balanced diet so that our body would function the way it should.

Breads can actually offer you a genuine health streak if you pick the right loaf containing complex carbohydrates which takes longer for our body to break them down. Sugar is then infused at a steadier pace into our bloodstream, suppling longer lasting energy. We wouldn’t recommend ditching all carbs from your daily meals but focus on eating the good kinds in moderation instead.

If you are looking at breads which has no added preservatives and rich in natural goodness, why not try our Multigrain and Wholemeal Toasts?


Swissbake Multigrain Toast

Packed with multigrain such as oats, wholemeal bran, rye & millet, our Multigrain toast contains 16% of wholegrains, is trans-fat free and low in saturated fat which helps minimize bad (LDL) cholesterol levels and heart diseases. It is also a source of protein and dietary fibre to promote a healthier bowel function while controlling your blood sugar level.

Our toast is also cholesterol free with shorter expiry dates than others due to the lack of added preservatives as we believe in only providing the best for you and your family. Delivered daily to Cold Storage supermarkets island-wide, taste the freshness in every bite!

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Swissbake Wholemeal Toast
Re-energize and stay focused throughout the day with our freshly baked Wholemeal toast! It contains no added preservatives, you can thus enjoy all the natural goodness from the whole of the wheat grain with your precious little ones.

What’s more, this trans-fat free product contains 19% of wholegrains and is also a source of protein (four servings of sliced bread will meet at least 10g of protein per day)!

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