The wich that rules em’ all! Hand’krafted’ with love each day and packed full with nutritious ingredients. The uniqueness of our KRAFTWICH™ comes in its shape and also the type of bread. Try our signature sandwich today! 

Check out what’s serving in our cafe here.

Smoked Salmon

370kcal. Savoury smoked salmon slices complemented by capers, onion and crunchy veggies. One of our

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Thai Spicy Chicken

389kcal. Generous chunks of oven baked chicken with spicy tangy sriracha sauce. Ingredients: Kraftwich multigrain bread,

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Beef Pastrami

504kcal. Tender beef pastrami slices paired with Swiss Emmental cheese and fresh greens on soft

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Avocado & Tofu

VEGAN FRIENDLY. Silvers of avocado with baked balsamic tofu sandwiched in multigrain bread. Ingredients: Kraftwich

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Smoked Chicken

295kcal. A good combination of smoked chicken slices, fresh greens and topped with Japanese cucumber

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Smoked Duck

268kcal. Thick succulent smoked duck slices on top of fresh crunchy greens with a dollop

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Avocado & Cheese

521kcal. VEGETARIAN. Packed with avocadoes and Swiss Emmental cheese, our vegetarian KRAFTWICH™ is not only

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Turkey Ham & Cheese

435kcal. An all-time favourite sandwich. Try it with our multigrain bread for a different taste.

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