Party Time: 6 Top Tips to Throwing the Perfect Baby Shower

Excitement is in the air and baby is on the mind! After months of anticipation, the moment has finally arrived – time to start planning a perfect baby shower. Whether you are the new mum hosting a simple gathering with your friends and family or new mum’s best friend hosting a lavish party for her, a baby shower is the perfect way to pamper any new parent.

There’s often food to enjoy, games to play and plenty of gifts for your new mum. With so much to plan, it can get a little overwhelming especially if you’re the one in charge. Here are our top tips to hosting a perfect baby shower and to get the party started.



  1. Plan Proper

Traditionally, a baby shower is held four to up to twelve weeks after the baby is born. Consult with new mum to pick the best time and date and get your hands on the complete guest list. With the guest list, you would be able to choose a suitable venue that matches your budget. Venues can range from restaurants to cafes, hotels, country clubs and even new mum’s home, if there is a smaller guest list. You’d want a venue that is easy for everyone to get to, and have a comfy and great time.


  1. Think Theme

Baby showers themes can be super fun. Your theme can be as specific as ‘Under the Sea’ or ‘Princess’, or as basic as ‘blue and yellow’ or ‘Hawaiian’. Try out colour coding the shower with simple pastel colours if you’re stuck and add in some baby deco pieces. To make it more unique, consider taking inspiration from new mum’s favourites – such as a movie character she loves or a favourite children’s bedtime story.


  1. Lay the Spread

It’s always best to find out if new mum has any food restrictions at this point in time of her childbirth journey. Finalise the menu to mesh with new mum’s taste – she can give you suggestions on a few simple foods she can eat. While you may not need to cater the entire menu around her restrictions, you will want to suss out party catering menus to make sure there is a snack or two that she can have at her own party. Also, consider serving miniature portions to make it easier for guests to manage the food and have fun at the same time.


  1. Add the Wow! Factor


This can come in the form of a beautiful cake with the baby shower theme, such as a fairytale princess cake, a cartoon character cake or even 3D cakes. When you have a master centrepiece that is as yummy to look at as it is to eat, it sets the perfect festive tone for your celebration. Our category of Swissbake birthday cakes come in a whole variety of themes that could be that very ‘wow’ factor you need. From 3D fondant cakes to pretty princess pieces, enjoy browsing through this fun category to find that perfect cake for the big day.


  1. Make Memories

Make new mum’s special occasion a memorable one with interesting touches. Create a guest book that all the guests can sign with their wishes and messages. Be sure to assign someone to take photos and videos to capture the memories for new mum to enjoy after the party is over. Fun ideas like a photo wall or a message wall with useful tips for caring for a baby can also be great.


  1. The Gift Game


It takes a community to welcome and celebrate a new baby. What better way to thank the lovely group family and friends who took time off to offer well-wishes than to send them home with memorable baby shower party gifts? These gifts can range anything from personalised candles to bookmarks and keychains and even mini cupcakes. Match your mementos with your centrepiece cake, with our very own Swissbake baby shower cupcakes. With our many different cupcake designs and gift box ideas, make your guest’s experience a cute and unforgettable one!


Ultimately, make sure you are having fun and enjoying your time as you plan and celebrate this next step in new mum’s life. The exciting times are just beginning!