Swissbake Evening Bread

Swissbake Abend Brot

Dieting can prove to be a big hurdle to overcome when there are just some many delicious things to enjoy every day! Just when you are motivated to losing a few kilos, the pace of the effects of those diets can be subjective to everyone who tries it. However, simply burn excess fat and shed the weight gradually while having the right balance of eat, sleep and exercise in your daily lifestyle.

This unique “slim while you sleep” concept was developed by Dr. Detlef Pape from Germany, a physician who specializes in nutrition and obesity. The pancreas generally produces more hormonal insulin after the consumption of carbohydrates so that the body can regulate rising blood sugar levels. According to Pape, this obstructs the burning of fats and encourages more fat storage in the body. The main objective is to optimize the balance of insulin through the intake of nutrients and motivate the body to intensify caloric reduction in the evening.

This principle is based on a number of rules:

  1. No snacks between meals
    Take a 5-hour break in-between each meal as you should feel full after eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, the insulin level in your body might drop, causing your pancreas to recover and the body can then draw energy on its existing fat reserves.Try abstaining from snacking and drink only carbohydrate-free drinks like water or tea (with minimum amount of sugar or none at all). You may choose to eat high-protein foods containing no carbohydrates (e.g. a hardboiled egg or a slice of cheese) if you still find yourself feeling hungry after numerous glasses of water.
  2. Only carbohydrates for breakfast
    The protein found in eggs, dairy products, sausages, etc. is prohibited as Dr. Pape recommends the intake of only carbohydrates during breakfast. For example, you may consume bread, muesli, honey, fruit or jam with water, juice or black coffee.
  3. Have a banquet at lunchtime
    Almost anything goes for lunch! You may combine carbohydrates and protein for this meal and have your favourite Kraftwich or pasta!
  4. Less carbohydrates for dinner and lose weight in your sleep
    Try having dinner which consists of animal protein with mixed greens or salad as a high amount of carbohydrates usually hinder the breakdown of fat at night. Your body can then reduce fat effectively if your blood sugar and insulin levels continue to remain low in the evening.Do remember to not put off dinner till late into the night as you can spend more time burning nightly fats and lose weight in your sleep after you finish dinner. Having sufficient sleep is the most essential part in this diet concept.

As the saying goes, “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.”


Swissbake’s Abend Brot (Evening Bread)

Our popular Evening Bread (Abend Brot) contains approximately 28% protein, a percentage which is higher than a normal steak (21%) and 4 to 5 times more than the traditional wheat/rye mixed breads. It also contains only approximately 8% carbohydrates, 5 – 6 times less than those in traditional wheat/rye mix breads. This bread will therefore be able to help you attain your ideal body weight and shape more quickly as you follow Dr. Pape’s “slim while you sleep” diet.

Swissbake Abend Brot Evening Bread

Swissbake Abend Brot Evening Bread

For this month, we have contacted personal trainer and body builder Melissa Sarah Wee to share with us on how she has managed to achieve a well-balanced lifestyle!

  1. Would you be able to tell us the main reason why you started getting more focused into working out/being healthy?
    My fitness journey took place 17 years ago after my discharge from the hospital for bulimia. It was a very vulnerable and scary period as I took baby steps into changing my lifestyle.
  2. What were the challenges you faced and how you managed to resolved them?
    I had an unhealthy relationship with food and overcoming that was the hardest. I learnt from making mistakes during my journey and picking myself up again when I fall. Over the years, I got better at it and now I’m happy, healthy as I no longer binge or purge my food.
  3. How did you come across our Evening Bread (Abend Brot) and how did it benefit you in your current lifestyle?
    I have been practicing the cyclical ketogenic diet which is a high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet since I started competing in the US. One of my clients introduced this amazing product to me knowing that I’m a bread lover but unable to eat more than 40gms of carbs per day. And now I am hooked! Haha. It is tasty, keeps me full and it satisfies my love for bread.
  4. Would you be able to provide us with 1 or 2 ways on how you usually consume our Evening Bread?
    I love having the Evening bread with natural peanut butter and sugar free jam. I also eat it with melted cheese, cold cuts or chicken breast or any source of protein with wild rocket or lettuce. If I want something warm, I would toast the bread with the cheese on top before topping it with raw veggies and my protein.I’ll usually toast the bread for 5 minutes on 200 degrees or depending on the size of your oven and keep a close eye on it in case it burns. You just want it melted.

    Mozzarella Beef Pastrami Wild Rocket Sandwich
    Evening bread with melted mozzarella, beef pastrami and wild rocket


    Melted Mozzarella cheese, shrimp marinated with Greek yoghurt and a sprinkle of dill, salt & pepper

    I personally like to make fuss-free food with whatever I find in my kitchen. Sometimes, I add shredded grilled chicken/beef pastrami leftovers, cheese, tomatoes and pickles. If I want something sweet, I use natural peanut butter with sugar-free jam/coconut butter with sugar-free jam.

  5. What tips would you give someone who has just started working out?
    Patience & perseverance are very important.  You can’t expect to have results immediately or quickly.  If you set a goal and stick to it diligently, you will eventually reach the place where you want to be. Enjoy the journey because it is going to mold you into a stronger and better version of yourself.